Produced by RYCO Theatricals as a part of their podcast series RYCO LIVE, our show THE OVERFLOW draws directly from the weeds of wellness culture, with James Roberts and Jen Olivares tackling topics of discussion from the intersection of mind-body connection, cultural humility, and social media's presence in all of that. Creativity will be stoked, feet will be planted, minds expanded every Wednesday at 1:00pm Eastern live on our social media @rycotheatricals.

James Roberts spent the last 10 years in New York City studying and working as a performer in theatre, film, and television. For the last four years he’s also worked as a yoga and meditation teacher, leading classes and workshops in studios and offices around the city. He currently resides in Tennessee, and continues to develop his creative passions for storytelling and yoga.

Jen Olivares is an interdisciplinary artist and enrolled member of the Acjachemen nation. Fascinated with the human condition, she has studied eastern philosophy, westernized wellness culture, and just about every method of keeping one’s heart, mind and body balanced. As an “artivist” Jen produced, choreographed, and directed the piece Artists Activate, a fusion of activism and theatre calling audiences and institutions alike to bring light to the load of necessary work towards decolonizing artistic spaces. She is now part of a developing nationwide Native theater collaboration that works to further uplift Native people and their stories across all mediums, as well as the community efforts to Protect Puvungna, sacred Acjachemen/Tongva land currently being desecrated by CSULB.

Show music composed and arranged by Dillon Feldman.