We follow this young man through his journey as we flashback to his childhood as he is at a dinner table alone, but soundscape of his family is around him. It is at this point we experience the first sensory smell of cooked ham in the theatre as dinner is being served. We see him interact with the objects as if the others are there, but he feels and is incredibly alone. We are in Hamburg, Germany, and we see this young boy go to school one day. He sees the installation of the Nazi regime in his school and watches as parades pass and seemingly instantly his environment changes. In the summer time, he is swimming with other boys, he interacts with splashes of other boys that are cast as shadow puppets on the backdrop and the playful experience of that day starts to fade as it is just him and another boy. The scene slowly becomes more than playful, and at this moment some other friends come back and see what is happening. It is played off, and the boy returns home to his family that night.