Shows for   Leftover Salmon

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show date venue location discs setlist/source/shn Comment
18-Feb-04 The Aggie Theater Fort Collins, CO 3 yes/ yes/ yes the new line-up is smokin'!
03-Jun-01 Mishawaka Bellview, CO 3 yes/ yes/ yes great soundboard!
31-Dec-97 Kezar Pavilion San Francisco, CA 2 yes/ no/ yes Set 2 only
w/ Darol Anger & Paul McCandless
21-Apr-01 Jannus Landing St.Petersburg, FL 3 no/ yes/ yes Great show for the "new" band!
I was there.
22-Apr-98 Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC 2 yes/ yes/ yes su-weeeeet!!
11-May-95 Otis' Chicago, IL 2 yes/ no/ yes kicks ass!!!
unknown soundboard
01-Jul-01 Bearcat Getaway Lesterville, MO 3 yes/ no/ yes Salmonfest!
KILLER show!!